The flag of Bulgaria

Zlati Dol

emergency landing ground
The flag of Bulgaria
Possible location of emergency landing ground Zlati Dol

Airfield name. Zlati Dol (German: Zlatidol, Bulgarian: Злати Дол), also known as Simeonovgrad (Bulgarian: Симеоновград) or Sejmen (Bulgarian: Сеймен).

Coordinate. Exact location in the vicinity of Simeonovgrad not determined.

General. Zlati Dol – emergency landing ground in south-central Bulgaria 25 km NE of Haskovo and possibly 5 km E of Simeonovgrad.

History. No information found.

Surface and Dimensions. No information.

Infrastructure. No information.

Sources and books

[1] Henry L. deZeng IV Luftwaffe Airfields 1935-45. Bulgaria – Edition: November 2014 (website The Luftwaffe, 1933-1945).


Last updated: 28.02.2018.