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The flag of Bulgaria
Location of airfield Yambol

Airfield name. Yambol (Jambol, Jamboli, Bulgarian: Ямбол).

Coordinate. 42°30,5` с.ш. 26°29,5` в.д.

General. Yambol – airfield in E Bulgaria 72 km E of Stara Zagora and 3.25 km NNW of Yambol town center. Rated for fighters.

History. Built by the Germans during World War I and equipped with a Zeppelin hangar. The hangar was removed and the airfield modernized during the mid-1930’s, including the construction of new hangars. It was one of the main bases for the Bulgarian Air Force during the war years. Also there was little Luftwaffe activity here.

Surface and Dimensions. Grass surface measuring approx. 1370 × 620 meters (1500 × 680 yards) and roughly rectangular in shape. No paved runway, but there was a concrete starting platform 275 meters (300 yards) in length in the S part of the landing area.

Fuel and Ammunition. Bulk fuel was stored in underground tanks off the SE corner of the airfield.

Infrastructure. Airfield had 4 medium hangars with paved aprons and adjoining workshop buildings off the W boundary, and 1 medium hangar with a paved apron and adjoining workshop at the SW corner. Admin buildings and a group of barrack huts were immediately W of the hangars on the W boundary. The flight control building was located between the two central hangars on the W boundary. The airfield was served by a branch rail line.

Dispersal. No dispersal facilities as such, but there were 4 small open aircraft shelters off the W boundary to the N of the hangars. Most aircraft parked in the open on the S half of the landing area.

Defenses. None reported.

Remarks. 1943-1944: construction and improvement work by the Bulgarian Labor Service under German supervision.

Operational Units.
pre-war training center for reservists;
3rd Reconnaissance Group (Orlek) (1940-43);
III Tactical Reconnaissance Gp. (1943-44).
3.(H)/Aufkl.Gr. 21 (Mar 41)?

Station Commands.
Fl.H.Kdtr. E(v) 219/XVII (Apr-Aug 44).

Station Units. None identified.

Sources and books

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