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ground landing
The flag of Bulgaria
Location of landing ground Tihina

Airfield name. Tihina (Bulgarian: Тихина), also known as Varna-Peinerdjik, Varna-Peinerdzik (?), Varna – Ses Sevnes (?), Warna-Land.

Coordinate. 43°11,49` с.ш. 27°53,02` в.д.

General. Tihina – landing ground on the S shore of Lake Varna on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria approx. 3.25 km WSW of city center and just E of the seaplane station Chaika.

History. Landing ground possibly used by the Bulgarians for training in 1938-1939 but then no information found until 1942 when it was being used occasionally by both Bulgarian and Luftwaffe aircraft. No record found of units being based here.

Surface and Dimensions. Leveled farmland with good quality turf on sandy soil measuring approx. 550 × 365 meters (600 × 400 yards) and roughly rectangular in shape.

Fuel and Ammunition. Provided by the seaplane station.

Infrastructure. Used the facilities of the seaplane station.

Sources and books

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