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The flag of Bulgaria
Location of airfield Telish

Airfield name. Telish (Telisch, Telich, Bulgarian: Телиш).

Coordinate. 43°20,19` с.ш. 24°14,89` в.д.

General. Telish – airfield in NW Bulgaria 31 km SW of Pleven and 1.5 km NW of the village of Telish. Rated for fighters.

History. Built in 1939. The Luftwaffe used Telish during the spring 1941 invasion of the Balkans, and in 1942 it was being used as a training field for dive-bombers.

Surface and Dimensions. Good quality all-weather turf surface measuring approx. 1550 × 505 meters (1700 × 550 yards). No paved runway, but had a prepared earth airstrip.

Fuel and Ammunition. There were several underground fuel tanks E of the hangars with a pipeline running between the tanks and hangars.

Infrastructure. Airfield had 1 medium and 2 large concrete hangars off the S boundary with nearby workshop buildings. The station HQ and admin building, several barracks, 2 stores buildings and several huts were S and W of the large hangars. The nearest rail connection was in Telish.

Dispersal. No organized dispersal facilities.

Defenses. No information found.

Remarks. 02.03.1944 Allied photo reconnaissance film identified on the airfield Telish 1 twin-engine bomber or transport, 2 fighters and 5 small aircraft.

Operational Units.
pre-war Bulgarian Air Force instrument flight school;
wartime flight school;
7th Reserve Group (Orlek) (1940).
detachment of IV./NJG 6 (1943-44).

Station Commands.
Fl.Pl.Kdo. B 10/I (c. Jan-Mar 44);
Flugplatzkdo. Telisch of Fl.H.Kdtr. E(v) 220/XVII Krumovo (Apr-Aug 44).

Station Units. None identified.

Sources and books

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